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July 2016


The Focus Group -- Coming to Chatham County
by Gaines Steer

Readers will not be surprised to learn that it is an established practice in the United States and Istanbul for established real estate companies to conduct rather extensive focus groups to gage potential consumer opinions in regard to the desirability of select locations for large and upscale developments.

Chatham County, North Carolina is no exception. The well-known real estate focus group expediters, housed in New York and Los Angeles, The Prompt Company, Ltd. won the contract to conduct such a survey to assess the “public reactions, opinions and attitudes….” in regard to the aforementioned location. Standard practices were utilized and duly conducted and recorded {verbatim} over a 10-day period in June 2016. Twelve (12) focus group subjects (*) were selected using a discrete (Pat pend.) formula employed by The Prompt Company, Ltd. and its affiliates.

(*) subjects were adults: aged 45-62; male and female; Caucasian; Afro-American; Asian; Hispanic; Brooklynese; Eskimo and Native American.

The Foci-Report, Excelsia {Pat pend.} format arranges responses to select questions and criteria which are blind to the recipients of the report. Only the verbatim conversations of the 15 focus group participants are recorded.


Planting Corn
by Cynthia Raxter

My dad grew up along the French Broad River in Brevard NC, on a dairy farm. He was the oldest son of 14 children - born 1921. They farmed in the spring and summer and logged in the winter.

He said down by the river the corn field was so long, he'd plow down and back, and he'd have to have a biscuit. Twice again and it'd be time for lunch. After lunch six more rows, and it was time to do the milking and get the chickens in.

When the days were long in the summer - like now - he'd get another row or two in before dark.

He wasn't plowing with a tractor - they worked mules. There was one Ford pickup on the farm to haul milk to town. (Daddy said he never had to mow ditch banks - his sisters - my aunts kept them cleaned out learning to drive.) All work was done by hand and with draft animals.

With mules you don't say, "Stop!" "Go!" "Turn right!" or "Turn left" - you say "whoa and giddyup" (which we all hopefully know from watching Bonanza!). To turn right you say "gee." To turn left, "haw."

"Gee and haw" was significant again just a few years ago:

I was home in the mountains, washing dishes with my mom. My dad was in the den. And my Jack Russel, Rascal, sneaked in despite the "no dogs in the house" rule.


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Orange County Family Carnival

The Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer Carnival is coming to the Jerry M. Passmore Center on Saturday, July 30, 2016 from 1 – 5 p.m., at 103 Meadowlands Drive in Hillsborough, adjoining the Triangle Sports Plex. This joint fundraiser will benefit Friends of the Seymour Center (Senior Center) in Chapel Hill and Friends of the Passmore Center (Senior Center) in Hillsborough.

The Carnival will feature a "Celebrity" Dunking Booth, Side Shows, Games and Activities for ALL ages, Carnival Curiosities, Performance Acts, Mini Educational Classes, Food Trucks and a visit from Paper Hand Puppet Intervention (a producer of giant puppets). Our Emcee will be Shannon Vickery, UNC TV and one of our Carnival Barkers will be Mayor Tom Stevens of Hillsborough.

Tickets are $6 for adults and $3 for children 12 and under. They may be purchased in advance by visiting For more information, please contact Kathie Reeves at or call 919.619.7260.

Speak Up Chatham -- What is Your Vision for the County?

Chatham County wants to hear from all types of residents, workers and businesses as a key part of the Comprehensive Plan development process. Now is the time to share your vision of Chatham County over the next 25 years.

The goal is to have at least 700 people complete the 10-minute online survey to share their visions for the future.

"Absolutely every voice counts," said Hillary Pace in the Planning Department. "We need to hear from people with all types of perspectives and all parts of the county. We want to hear from people who work here or operate a business here as well as residents."

· Survey link:
· Encuesta en Español:

The Comprehensive Plan is a policy document that will provide guidance for the development of the county over the next 25 years. The Comprehensive Plan reflects the community’s priorities and a careful analysis of data and existing policy documents. The plan is expected to conclude in April 2017.

The plan will help focus growth, capital investment, and development in the county in the following areas: transportation, economic development, land use and development, environment, affordable housing, public health, utilities, parks and recreation and an array of other areas of consideration such as the aging population, schools, and attention to Chatham-specific concerns such as tick-borne illness.

The process has already involved several community meetings in June and input from many different organizations across the county, including local governments, nonprofits, the business community, education and many others.

To find out more about the Chatham County Comprehensive Plan, including viewing reports and activities, visit Join the conversation at

New Branch Chiropractic Relocating

New Branch Chiropractic & Health Center, PLLC announces its relocation to 1016 Thompson Street Unit J in Pittsboro on August 1st 2016. Upon the relocation, New Branch Chiropractic will be welcoming another provider, A. Lynn Williams, DC to their practice.

Dr. Jacqulyn Nygren is excited to make this move and to be welcoming colleague, Dr. Williams. She aid "together we can be more accessible to the people of Pittsboro, providing outstanding chiropractic care."

New Branch Chiropractic was established in 2008 with a goal of creating an office where patients come first. Dr. Nygren is well experienced in non-surgical spinal and joint conditions and sees patients of all ages. She focuses on lifestyle improvements to help support patients in the resolution of their condition. Dr. Williams is a 15 year veteran of chiropractic and focuses on low force chiropractic. She has a great deal of experience in treating pregnant women and children.


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